Bali Medika Clinic


Bali Medika Clinic Focuses On Sexual Health

Bali Medika Clinic has a long history of providing sexual health services. We are Bali`s first clinic specializes in men’s health. We aim to deliver a first-class HIV and sexual health service for all our patients by utilizing the latest technology in a modern environment delivered by a warm and friendly team of staff. It’s really important to us that our service is convenient which is why we offer flexible visit timing.

Therefore we offer full range of STI’s tests as well as safer sex counselling. Our patients are mostly men, but we offer assistance to every gender as well as non-binary persons. We are proud to be clinic of choice for LGBTQI+ community in South Bali.


Testing & Treatment

HIV And AIDS testing and treatment

HIV & AIDS testing and treatment

Bali Medika Clinic offers patients comfortable and safe environment for HIV testing and treatment.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Bali Medika Clinic offers patients friendly, affordable and effective STI check-up and treatment.

General Practice Vaccination

General Practice & Vaccination

Bali Medika Clinic offers patients experienced doctor consultation and vaccination services.