About Bali Medika Clinic

The Best HIV And STI's Clinic In Bali

About Bali Medika Clinic

ExperienceD medical staff and professional laboratory

The Best HIV and STI’s Clinic in Bali with reliable and inclusive services run by leading HIV specialist in Indonesia.

About Bali Medika Clinic Medical Director

Our clinic is run by Doctor Yogi Prasetya. He is alumni of Medical Health Department of Udayana Univeristy. He also get diploma of STIs/HIV AIDS program from COTTISA Bangkok. Doctor Yogi is a medical consultant for the National AIDS Commission for gays, transgender, and men who have sex with other men.

Doctor Yogi received APCOM HERO Award in 2018 for his engagement in HIV prevention, testing and treatment among MSM community in Bali.

About Bali Medika Clinic

Choosing a reputable and experienced HIV and STI clinic is vital for your overall well-being. We offer accurate, confidential, and high-quality care, reducing the stigma around these infections and promoting early testing and treatment, which are essential for individual health and the prevention of transmission within the community.

Since 2010 Bali Medika Clinic solely focus attention on testing and treating patients with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. We constantly build our capabilities in terms of medical equipment. As medical knowledge is the key, our doctor regularly attending various conferences like Bangkok HIV/AIDS Conference and many more. Updating protocols of treatment, presenting results of Bali Medika Clinic.

The most important services we offer:

  • HIV testing and treatment
  • HIV prevention (PrEP and PEP)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) testing and treatment
  • Vaccinations


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