HIV Test In Bali Medika Clinic

HIV test in Bali leading sexual health clinic to be sure of HIV status

HIV test in Bali Medika is conducted with blood sample

HIV test in Bali Medika is available for everybody. Every person that is sexually active should conduct HIV test once a year. It should be routine test, same like blood morphology. Early HIV detection allow medical intervention with better results.

If you have any questions on how we do conduct testing, need a consultation related to your health status please contact us. You can also read more about our main 4th generation HIV test Alere Combo here.

Who should make HIV testing

Every person should make a HIV test at least one time in their lifetime.

If you are in higher risk group:

  • having vaginal and/or anal sex without condom and/or without PrEP
  • using injections with needle sharing (drugs, other injections)
  • you have a regular, protected sex with partners of unknown HIV status
  • you are involved in chemsex activity

then you should make a HIV test at least once every three months.

Why make HIV test in Bali Medika Clinic

In Bali Medika Clinic we provide modern diagnostic tool to detect HIV infection. Therefore you can be sure that your result is accurate. We are happy to be clinic of choice for LGBTQI+ community members. With our friendly approach and non-discriminatory policy everyone is welcome in our clinic.

How we do testing

Test result will be ready in 30 minutes. As we are fully equipped with testing capabilities we are not using third parties for HIV antibodies or PCR test. You do not have to come back for result. On request, we will contact you by email or WhatsApp with your HIV test result. If you never make a test before, our staff will be happy to provide counselling before and after test.

What to do if your HIV test is negative (non-reactive)

First of all smile. It mean that you not require HIV treatment. Stay safe with PrEP, condoms, abstinence 🙂 and enjoy healthy sexual life. If you have any questions how to keep safety in your activity feel free to talk with our doctor or counsellor.

What to do if your HIV test is positive (reactive)

Just don’t panic. HIV is a not death sentence. Our specialist conduct additional testing to assess your health condition and provide treatment steps. If you are good to go, you will be assign to patient group receiving HIV anti-retro viral treatment (ARV).

Goal of the ARV treatment is to put you in a safe spot – HIV undetectable status. To achieve that you gonna have to take daily dose of medication. After that, in 3 months we will measure HIV level in your blood – if its below 20 then you are safe. HIV is not damaging your immune system. Remember that you have take your ARV drugs everyday to sustain your undetectable status.

What HIV test we offer

HIV test typeHIV test sensitivityHIV test details
4th generation rapid HIV test2-4 weeks after exposureThis HIV test is looking for antigen and antibodies that immune system develops as a response to HIV infection.
PCR HIV viral load test7 days after exposureThis HIV test is looking for presence of HIV virus and measuring number of HIV virus in blood.