PrEP In Bali Medika Clinic

PrEP in Bali Medika Clinic

PrEP in Bali Medika soon will be available for patients.

PrEP in Bali Medika includes currently consultation, prescription, follow-up control and access to online order with special rates to our patients. We working with PREP 24 Net to provide various pre exposure prophylaxis drugs for our patients.

We currently working on PrEP program for our patients across Indonesia. You can enroll now to our program and we let you know when PrEP medicine will be directly accessible in our clinic. If you need more information about accessing PrEP contact Bali Medika Clinic.

What is PrEP

PrEP is a medicine protecting you from HIV infection. It contains two drugs protecting you if you are exposed to HIV during vaginal and/or anal sex.

How to take PrEP

Daily PrEP (recommended)

Taking PrEP daily is a recommended way. Once you begin, it is more easy to remember about pill every day. Daily PrEP is recommended option for everyone, especially persons that are often sexually active; involved in sexual activities with heightened risk of infection like chemsex, parties, various partners.

PrEP On Demand

PrEP on demand is suitable only for men having anal sex with other men and transgender woman. If you planning your sexual activity well ahead or rarely have sex then PrEP on demand may be sufficient for you.