STI Testing In Bali Medika Clinic

STI testing in Bali Medika Clinic

STI testing in Bali Medika Clinic is available for anyone.

What is STI

STI testing in Bali Medika makes you sexual activity healthier. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) is a viral or bacterial infection transmitted through sex. There is a number of infections you can get through vaginal, anal and oral sex. In most of STD cases condom, personal hygiene and being cautious before, during and after intercourse may be effective enough to keep you safe.

Some of infections may have symptoms like pain, swelling, discharge from sexual organs, fever, etc. But some of infections are asymptomatic or symptoms are invisible. So to be sure that you are healthy

Who should test for STI

If you are sexually active you should routinely conduct STI checkup once a year if you do not observe any symptoms. Remember that even if you practice safe sex, and using condoms consistently some microorganisms can be transmitted trough intimate touch, kissing, etc.

What STI testing in Bali Medika we offer

  1. Syphilis
    • blood sample
    • treated with antibiotic injection or oral pills dose
  2. Chlamydia
    • PCR test
  3. Gonorrhea
    • PCR test
PCR Test GeneXpert HIV Gonorrhhea Chlamydia
PCR Test GeneXpert – HIV Viral Load, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia

Why chose us

Our clinic have a long experience in testing and treating STI’s. We treat all patients with understanding and respect. We simply not asking stupid questions so you can feel comfortable. We understand very well that for most patients, talking about their sex life may be uncomfortable.

As we have a male doctor – for female and transgender patient convenience and comfort – vaginal swab is conducted by patient after doctor instruction.

How STI can be transmitted

STIOral sexVaginal sexAnal sex